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14 April 2010 @ 04:00 pm

The Kyle David Miller Foundation is running a giveaway/contest right now - know anyone that would be interested in winning a brand new, cowmooflage car seat?

16 February 2010 @ 11:41 am
We use the Cosco/Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite for our 22 month old daughter who is (obviously) still rear-facing. We have one in our car and one in her nana's van - which was recently stolen, unfortunately. In order to replace the seat the insurance company wanted receipts for all items in the car and we didn't think to keep the receipt for the car seat. So... we're SOL.

We were just going to buy a new one at Costco where we originally bought them but found out the price has nearly doubled! We paid $90 for them last January and now they're anywhere from $140-$180. We cannot afford that right now.

I really like this seat due to the ease of use - it installs fairly easy, is really easy to tighten and there's no need to re-thread the straps when your kid grows. So to say I'm bummed is putting it lightly.

The only thing I don't like about the seat is that it doesn't lean back far enough and I have to stick pool noodles underneath it so my poor daughter's head doesn't roll around when she falls asleep in the car. But it's still not enough, even with the pool noodles.

So - what's my point? I don't know. I think I'm mostly complaining. But I wanted to know what worked best for you to keep your kids' necks from getting hurt in that situation. I thought about getting the Britax Roundabout, since it's the same price but looks more comfortable. But it doesn't have the ease of use option for the straps that I love about the AOE. Is the Britax better for the neck issue?

Can anyone recommend a good Bang For Your Buck convertible seat that turns into a 5 point harness up to 100lbs?
14 January 2010 @ 02:18 pm
Hi everyone!  I was really excited to read about this new community today!

I am a child passenger safety technician and the executive director of the Kyle David Miller Foundation who promotes both extended rear-facing and extended-harnessing.  I would be happy to answer any questions people have about seats, vehicles, installations etc.

My oldest was RF until after 4 years when he hit the RF weight limit for his Britax Marathon.  My youngest, who is 19 months, is currently RF in a Boulevard. 

I look foward to meeting my fellow rear-facing advocates!
14 January 2010 @ 05:38 am
Good morning folks!

Just a quick second at 5:30 am before I chug my coffee and head to work.

I have 2 little girls, one will be four in April and her sister two in May.

My oldest rides Forward Facing and was turned at 2 1/2 and just shy of 30 lbs.  At the time, we had a radian 80 and could _not_ get a safe install.  It "floated".  Multiple techs, multiple attempts - nothing.   The tech's actually gave me a hug for keeping her RF that long (they never see it here) and said it was ok to turn her.  She now spends her time in either a regent, nautilus, or a radian.  

My littlest is about 26/27 lbs and rear facing.  She will be rear facing for quite some time yet.   She spends her time in a britax safe voyage (need to check the weight on that), a britax decathalon, and a britax decathalon.

I swear to god I have spent 1000's on car seats.
My girls ride with us tethered (mom and Dad), their Nanny (who has great installs but is unable to tether *worry - older vehicle - ford knew nothing about retro fitting her 92 explorer), my In-laws (they pop seats between vehicles and well dont get me started - they come from a time/land of NO car seats), and tethered in my Moms cars.   Yes  a total of 8 car seats.

13 January 2010 @ 01:06 pm
Hi! I have an almost 33mo son who is still RF and probably will for quite awhile. He's somewhere under 25lbs and was 34" a couple months ago. He hit a growth spurt recently, but he pretty much flirts with the bottom of the curve (WHO charts for breastfed urchins) for weight and roughly 15-20th %ile for height, so I imagine he's stay wee.

He's rearfacing in a Britax Boulevard. If I were buying a seat today, I'd likely buy a Radian of some sort. The Britax has a lower RF weight limit, lower harness heights, and lower shell heights than other seats on the market today. Of course, my kid way well fit RF until he's of booster age. ;)

My kid was a car seat hater from day one. We switched to a cushy convertible (RF, of course) around 7mo, but it made no difference. He didn't tolerate trips of 15-20 minutes until he was close to two years old. Despite that, I never considered turning him to see if it would make a difference. We just took the bus. Or only drove places after my husband was off work for the day, so one of us could sit back there with him. Now he does fairly well and we can go on longer rides, but it's not always easy. And having an iPod touch with pictures, fireworks, and doodling apps helps a lot.

I have put him FF in my parents RV--he was 28mo. If an RV (they have a 40' diesel pusher, the chassis is really more bus-like) rolls over, it's all over, anyhow. The only seat appropriate in there was the passenger seat up front--they've removed all the furniture with seatbelts elsewhere (fulltime RVers) and those couches were sideways, anyhow, which isn't an appropriate place to install a carseat. And I couldn't drive five hours alone with him this summer, so he rode in the Phaeton with grandma and grandpa. Loved every second. As soon as we arrived at our destination, he was back in my car. And he didn't object. He understood that the seat only goes in mommy's car RF.

I have a pic, but it's nearly a year old. I'll throw it under the cut and try to take another pic soon.
pic at 21.5mo hereCollapse )

I might head back out today. If we take the car, I'll snap a pic. Right now, I'm grabbing some desperate me-time while kiddo is happily playing outside at his sand table for the first time in weeks. We had two feet of snow a month ago and our deck is still covered!

*Editing to add a new pic!*
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12 January 2010 @ 05:48 pm
Throughout most of Europe and the US infants travel in a rear facing car seat up until the age of one (or younger) before they are turned around in a front facing car seat, but did you know that children in a rear facing car seat are 5 times safer than if they were in a front facing car seat and that in Scandinavian countries children stay in rear facing car seats until they are 4 years old? Car seat manufacturers do make rear facing car seats for older children, but they just aren't marketed in the UK and USA due to a perceived lack of demand. The biggest difference in safety is for under 2's.

See for yourselfCollapse )

There are lots of myths about rear facing car travel. Lots of people will tell you that their children hated their rear facing infant seat and were only happy when they were turned around. This is undoubtedly true, but what people don't realise is that it was not the change in direction that made the difference, but the change to a Group 1 car seat. We experienced exactly the same, but our son has never been forward facing. Another myth is that there is no space for their legs in rear facing car seats or that their legs would be broken in an accident. There is enough room for the children's legs in a proper rear facing car seat and there has never been a reported case of any such leg injuries, but even if it did happen - legs can mend, spinal cords can't.

* Car Seat Safety: Rear-facing is safest

* Rear Facing - the way forward - includes information about where to buy a rear facing seat in the UK

* Carseat.se - excellent source of information about rear facing car seats

* An Accident Study of the Performance of Restraints Used by Children Aged Three Years and Under - this report examines police data from fatal accidents involving children and concludes that the majority (8 out 10) of children killed whilst in forward facing car seats would be alive today had they been in the same accident and in a rear facing car seat.